Friday, July 27, 2018

Play games and earn free rewards

Gamehag is a totally free website which allows you to get rewards by completing specific tasks in free games, writing articles, downloading mobile apps and much more.

In order to get your reward, you must have your Soul Gems (the currency used on this website) with which you will be able to choose your reward in the Shop where you can get paysafecards, Steam Wallet top ups, Google Play cards, Game Keys, PlayStation Network top ups, Riot Points, CS:GO skins or virtual currency for online games. Gamehag does also have a mobile application for Android and iOS.

There are many possibilites to get points (soul gems):
  •   We can play play free downloadable and browser games. After creating our new account through the website and completing a specific task, we send a screenshot showing the completed task or in-game nickname through a form.
  •   We can play free mini games where we can get 1 points for each completed task specified on the right of the game screen.
  •   We can try our luck and get a cheaper reward in Contests, whch are nothing more than a Lottery.
  •   We can download free mobile apps through the Contracts or Daily Missions (the last ones are only available on the Gamehag mobile app).
  •   We can write articles and get up to 1000 points per written article.
  •   We can invite people. For each invited user who will get 1000 points, we will get 200.
  •   We can climb the rankings where three of the best users of the day, will get a bonus of 1000, 500 and 300 points.
Here are some rewards examples:

How to exchange rewards to real money?

My method is simple, when i have enough points (soul gems) - i choose Random Steam CD-key reward. When they send me my cd-key, i go to and sell it. That's all! So you can earn real money doing what you love - playing games!