Monday, May 21, 2018

Make money selling games

I’ve purchase video games from before, since their pricing is really unbeatable. I still won’t forget once I picked up Diablo III at 54% off retail! In any case, I never saw their Goldmine program till i was looking to shop for GTA a couple of weeks ago.

And I came across a Goldmine!

You get paid for referring those who buy games or keys for games. This is not a one time commission either. Everybody who makes a purchase thanks to your recommendation is added to your “team” or referral network. And each order made by that person within the future also brings you a profit.

 How Do I Earn cash Through G2A Goldmine?

G2A provide a referral service that's known as G2A Goldmine, you can register there fo free and instantly.

Once you register for the program, you can receive your own referral link. The referral link acts just like any affiliate link you may be familiar with. That works like this: Once somebody clicks your referral link, a web cookie is created that tracks what your referral buys at G2A. If they make and account and buy a game, you’ll get a commission. Trust me - most people buy there many times, because nobody can beat their prices.

This is generally where most affiliate programs end, but not Goldmine.

For every person who your referral refers to, you also get a cut. Goldmine creates levels for every reference to you. For direct referrals, you get 100% of the quantity specified on the product page. Once your referral refers somebody, you make 60% of that value. And once your referral’s referral, refers somebody you make 40% commision. So you don't have to promote any games if you don't want to. Simply promote G2A Goldmine affiliate program on your website and earn passive income from your referrals.

G2A has very long cookie duration so even when your visitor will register in next 6 months, he/she will be in your team and will earn you money.

How to promote your affiliate link?

  • Join FB groups related to games and post your reflink , write about cheapest prices in G2A (it's true, G2A offers cheapest prices ever)
  • Join forums about specific game or games and post your affiiate link in signature. When somebody asks where he can buy a game, just answer that the best place is the website in your signature (don't spam ref links directly into posts, because you will be banned instantly) 
  • Post your ref link in youtube comments under videos about popular games
  • Record gameplays of popular games you own (use Free Screen Video Recorder or Bandicam) upload to youtube and place your referral link in video description 
  • Advertise G2A affiliate program on your website and earn passive income
  • Promote games on your blog/website. It hasn't to be games related. If you have blog about MMA for example, you can advertise UFC game, if you own website about planes, you can sell flight simulators, if you have blog about trucks, you can sell truck simulator games etc, you've got the idea?
At the end i want to show you earnings of my friend who has website about games (to motivate you):