Wednesday, May 23, 2018

How i make money reselling seo services

Here is my new method which I am making anywhere from $100-150 per day

The Method
This method is all about outsourcing SEO services, as the saying goes - those that made the most money during the gold rush were those selling the maps. The gold, ATM, is SEO and the maps are the services. For that I used SEOClerks because the services start as low as $1 and there are some really good services for SEO sold no where else (think quality).

You can really use any marketplace, I chose SEOClerks because I know it, it is big and I like how they operate. They give me some perks because I've been on their so long and because I make so many sales.

How I make bank
1) Go to SEOClerks (or wherever you chose) and find a good service. 
2) I buy the services for myself first usually, just to see if I can work with the seller and to ensure they can deliver timely.
3) I only pick level 2+ (often 3 or level X) that deliver in less time than they claim it takes
4) I only pick sellers who respond quickly via PM/email
5) Determine a price to sell it for. Selling a $1 service for $2 isn't really worth the effort. Selling a $1 service for $5 is better but selling it for $10 is gold. I take a $29 service and sell it for $60, for example. That is worth my time and effort. 

Now that you have selected a service to outsource you need to determine how to promote it. There are several methods that I've used.

1) Sell it "yourself" by listing it on other forums and marketplaces. Don't copy/paste because you don't want people to link it back or they will just order from the cheaper source.
This is really great for quick sales but takes a lot of effort to maintain. Also, forum threads die out.

2) Create a site with "authority" in mind. You don't want to create a site, spam it to death, get 10 quick sales and then drop from the SERPs. Make a site, write good
content, have a sales pitch and promote people to buy your service(s).

This is my primary method. I have 10 sites all for different niches with long-tail keywords. They all target a different group of people (webmasters, social networking, writers, forum posts, etc).

For example, I started a "forum posting" business. I buy forum posts for $5 or less on SEOClerks from about 3-5 users who I've tested. I was able to rank for this easily and it is very non-competitive to advertise in. This doesn't violate Facebook ads or Adwords or anything so they all let me advertise on there. I do some advertisement but this cuts in profit so I only do it for highly converting keywords.

Make sure you create a fanpage, google+, etc and get tweets, +1s, etc to your website. Don't blast it with spam as the goal here is long-term conversion.

3) Create an affiliate site. A couple of sites allow you to become an affiliate. Again, I use SEOClerks because it is an affiliate for life program. This is the most passive option because you don't even have to handle the order or deal with the client. You just withdraw money.

Ranking and other factors
Pick a long-tail keyword for your website/niche. Make your entire website about that and rank it using whitehat, tier 1 links and tweets. Tweets are like gold right now IMO. They rank you very quickly. Make sure your keyword is directly related to the service you resell. Make sure your keyword isn't against any TOS if you plan on using ads.

4) Search for youtubers who are struggling with views, likes, subscribers and write below their videos that you can provide them unlimited views/likes etc for cheap price. Leave a contact email, dont' post any links in comments because they won't show up. The same you can do it on:
  • Twitter - offer followers/likes/retweets
  • Instagram - offer followers/likes
  • Pinterest - offer followers/repins/likes
  • Quora - you can sell answer upvotes to quora users
  • Reddit - offer upvotes to its users

5) Ads
If you have the money to use ads, you can make a ton of sales just from advertising. I like adwords, facebook (cheap) and 7search for this. I've used Bing but it sucks.

You don't even need to worry about SEO if you use this route but you have to have money which sucks. It also cuts into your profit. The more you scale up, the more you get sales but the more you spend too.

I don't recommend ads if you are selling a cheap service for cheap (IE: $1 to $5) but if you can sell something like $5 for $40, that is a huge profit and ads are great.

If you have problems with any sellers from whatever marketplace you pick, just pick another one. They are replaceable. That is the beauty of my system. I provide an AWESOME customer support to the people that buy from me and they keep coming back because I am that middle man. They think me and my "team" are doing it all when really it is just someone else doing it, lol.

That is it. If you need an easy way to make money that is scalable, this is it. Very little effort, you don't need to know anything to start and it works.

Good luck!


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